What it takes to be a Redneck Warrior

The course is tailored (length and difficulty) to the environment and/or the requests of clients who have hired us to host an event.


The Redneck Warrior is a timed obstacle course race.


Redneck Warriors start by putting on a protective facial gear and wielding their Redneck shields. At the sound of the gun, Rednecks must run by an angry crowd… They will be hurling mud at the racers as the racers push forward onto the next obstacle. There is no avoiding it …you will get dirty!


Once through the “Mud Slinger”, Warriors can lay down shields and helmets and proceed through the RW course.


Throughout the course, expect to encounter obstacles designed to test strength, endurance, skill, wit, dexterity, and the most important trait of all: Redneck-ness.


Any event that involves throwing or shooting (there are several) allow Warriors three attempts to complete. Remember, this is a timed event. Hit the target to move on. Otherwise, after the third attempt, move onto the next obstacle.


Throughout the course, there will be a few ‘dirty’ events, like the Mud Slinger. That being said, obstacles can be tailored to have clean alternatives alongside the ‘dirty’ version. Further, completely clean courses can be set up upon prior request by a client.

Our different obstacles serve different purposes.

Some are meant to test skill and wit in some outdoorsman activity…

Some are meant to give us onlookers a good laugh…

Some are meant to just be plain hard. 

All are meant to be fun in true redneck spirit!