Bring Redneck Warrior to your neck of the woods

By Fred|June 22, 2017|Uncategorized|

The Redneck Warrior events are such a hoot, we want everyone to get a shot at becoming one! Us Rednecks up here in the northeast are looking for fellow Rednecks in other parts of ‘merica.

The Redneck warrior is a fully customizable event. Whether you are looking for a grueling 5K or a 100 yard dash (or shorter) we can tailor our course to fit your needs. We can even do a skills challenge, no exertion necessary!

If you are interested in helping us bring the Redneck Warrior to your neck of the woods, give us a holler. We would love to jaw with ya. Email with the subject “bring it” for more info.

 Corporate events – Looking for something totally different to give your employees? The Redneck Warrior can give your people the team building your are looking for (Can be set up as a team or individual event or both) and the laughter needed to let off a little steam!
Fund Raising – You have a cause? You need some cash to support it? We can help.
The Redneck Warrior would love to team up with you to support your cause and have a great time too.
Private events/parties – Throw a party no one will forget! The Redneck Warrior will add tons of laughs to any event. Compete against family and friends, form teams…the options are only limited by your imagination.
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