Atlatl – An ancient spear-style weapon… look it up

Hatchet Throw-  Throwing hatchets

Archery – Aim, draw, and release… Right beside your competitors. You can’t be nervous and accurate at the same time… no pressure, though.

What a Drag – Heavy wooden deer lay on the ground. Drag your harvest out of the woods!

Live Bait – Hope you’re okay with worms and night crawlers.

Slingshot – A bag of corn and a sling shot – hit the target

Wood Stack – Every redneck knows how to stack a pile o’ firewood.

Bass master – Just because you can bait it doesn’t mean you can cast it…

Mow it Down – Running is a lot harder when you’ve got a lawn mower to push…

Mountain O’ Hay – Climb over it

Louisville Slugger –  Dizzy bat

Silage Pitt – – you’ll be crawling through wet sawdust or actual silage depending on availability

Animal Tracks – Do you know your animal tracks?

Sack  It – Old fashioned sack race

Corn Hole – Hit the hole with a bean bag/corn bag actually

Mud Slinger – Wearing a RW shield and helmet make your way thru the bunch of tires as your family and friends sling mud at you — you cant block it all!

Downtown – After a long night…all the empties laying around – sink one in the trash can

Ring Toss – with a redneck twist

Noodling – Modeled after the age old redneck tradition of catching catfish

Dust to Dust – Dry sawdust crawl

Pounded thumb – Hammer and a nail

Whip it – stick and an apple…